Building blocks

Building blocks

This lesson is the first in several on skin care. Knowing simple ways to take care of yourself, you must know about all skin and skin types. For this reason, we will talk in this lesson mainly about mens skin. Mens skin is more complex than women, so it must be your foundation for skin care knowledge. I could go into several more reasons why I start with men, but the most important thing is this. Men look younger than women. You need to know why.

I have recently talked to an Elks Lodge for a number of elderly ladies. I was shocked to find out that the women did not know that their skin differs from the men. One woman also thought that because they shave everyday, its getting younger. I immediately came home and decided to write about mens skin. In its simplest explanation, a human skin is naturally younger, harder and firmer, because it is richer in elastin and collagen. The end of the story! Nature fooled and gave them an advantage. Yes, it helps to have a daily skin care routine that starts as young as possible, but whatever you do, they will always start with an unfair advantage.

However, we have some advantages over them; First, a males skin is much thicker than a womans, actually about 20% thicker than a womans. For men, thicker skin means having a greater number of active sebaceous glands. In short, men get much oilier and smelly a lot faster. Secondly, their skin is very prone to lack of moisture or dehydration, simply because they shave it quite often. When the skin has no moisture it becomes dirty, dirty and toxic much faster. No matter what type of skin I can not stress enough important for daily cleaning. Deep cleansing with a healthy, non-toxic product is very important for a healthy skin. As we age, there are biochemical changes that occur in our skin. Basically, the elastin and collagen content decreases, and the connective tissue that makes the skin become young loses its retaining force and is firm and resilient. This happens 10 to 15 years earlier in women, so women do not hit yourself, because your husband looks younger than you, and men, please do not give the ladies a hard time. We are quite sensitive to our early aging.

Todays men are increasingly aware and worried about the physical condition and appearance of the body. More men than ever are involved in taking better care of their skin. A simple daily ritual of cleansing, cleansing and moisturizing will keep your skin out in pink. Although men may become increasingly aware of how to care about their skin, some aspects can prevent them from succeeding. Too many men are poisonous, natural or organic skin care something that never crosses their minds. Outside the world to shave their faces, its unusual for a man to take care of his skin, especially the skin on his face. Proper skin care is crucial to the present and future of your skin. The bodys primary protection against infection, microorganisms and disease is the skin or epidermal system. Skin is also your most important protection against the adverse effects of sun, weather and toxicity. Skin performs the necessary functions for the body; It regulates body temperature and cleans the body of sweat and toxins, to name a few. First, to a man who just washed his face with soap and water, full skin care may seem like a difficult routine. On the other hand, the repayment of these few simple steps is abundant. Daily face wash keeps the pores from clogging. Clogged skin creates a variety of skin conditions, from pimples to ingrown hairs, which are not only painful and ugly, but can also leave tense marks on the skin forever. Everyone from the age of twelve should train a skin care routine twice a day including products, at a minimum that cleans and moisturises. A moisture cream with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 15 or higher that protects against UVA (ultraviolet radiation with relatively long wavelengths) and UVB (ultraviolet radiation with relatively short wavelengths) is the best.

By looking at men in a broad spectrum, it has been found that male skin; is oilier, has larger pores, superior blood supply and increased tendency to sweat. Men are less likely to wrinkle than women and may require deeper cleaning daily. The skins maturation process is the same for men and women, but for men it happens later. In a males skin, the dermis layer is thicker and richer in collagen. Epidermis is often more oily and ugly. As a result, it is more resilient than a womans skin against the effects of the sun and other environmental problems. About the age of 40 to 60 years (depending on the man), the dermis layer passes on a males skin through a thin process. The proportion of collagen decreases naturally but noticeably and causes deeper wrinkles to appear. Like women, men can dramatically minimize signs of aging with proper skin care.

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